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updated sat 17 jan 04


Susan Setley on fri 16 jan 04


In a message dated 1/16/04 8:00:02 PM, mudbug@TOAD.NET writes:

> Lucas;
> I would guess a used wheel might be just the thing for you.=A0 Used
> kickwheels turn up in my area every so often, usually priced around
> $100.=A0 Check the want ads regularly, bulletin boards and just get the
> word out that you are interested. It might take some time, but you'll
> likely find it.=A0 Whenever you get finished with it you can get your
> money back with little difficulty.=A0 Used electric wheels turn up more
> rarely.=A0 For someone setting up a complete studio, the wheel is just a
> small part of a big investment; but if you just want to practice your
> throwing then you would need little else...Perhaps a plaster slab and a
> table.

I'm hear to tell you that you don't even need a plaster slab to throw at=20
home. You need a wheel, some place to store your clay and tools, and some ki=
nd of=20
work table. When I need canvas I have a piece of plywood covered with canvas=
Lots of time I don't even bother to get it out but just wedge my clay on the=
formica table top, and it works just fine (unless the clay is VERY wet... th=
I roll it out on a piece of pellon and let it dry a little...)

There are lots of things that are nice to have but not necessary. My entire=20
studio area measures 5' by 5' and works well.

Susan Setley on fri 16 jan 04


In a message dated 1/16/04 8:01:55 PM, CazGuy74@AOL.COM writes:

> Lucas-
> You might look into Creative Industries new wheel (can't remember the name
> now) but it's a nice tabletop model, perfect for a person without a lot of
> space. It's very reasonably priced at around $400 I think,=A0 very good fo=
r a=20
> 1/3
> horsepower wheel, centers 25# of clay. Keep playing in the mud!!
> over-and-out,
> ~S~
> _______

It's an Artista.

Consider getting the legs if you have room; it was a bit of a challenge to=20
find a table low enough to set mine on. I finally used an old computer table=
with adjustable legs.=20

It has some limitions. There's a limit to how large a bat you can put on it.=
For comparison, my Giffin grip fits but it's close to the limit.=20

It's very quiet and I'm happy with mine, but if you think you're going to=20
start throwing really big pieces you might not like it simply because it doe=
have diameter limitations, at least at the bottom of a piece.

It comes with a removable splash pan, which is nice.