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looking for scale recommendations, thanks & consolidation

updated wed 21 jan 04


George Koller on mon 19 jan 04

Thanks very much for notes and recommendations,

Note: Please don't consider the iBalance model I mentioned - see #6 below

I will condense my notes here and provide a summary here of what I learned:

1. Some people that have used both note the very convenient tare weight
feature of the digitals. Some classic Triple beam models do have a
feature for a weighing bowl but this would not entirely substitute for my
Tare weight uses (like tiles before and after spraying).

However, Wayne Seidl, notes that very economical and "solid" triple
beams are available for under $100 new AND that they are simple
and "won't go wacko".

I have to think how insidious a flakey digital could be - that
cause glaze nightmares!

2. Sensitivity is a concern and can effect "accuracy". I'm not sure I'm
right but I'm
thinking this must be something like "inertia" where you can add maybe 0.2
before any movement, that despite the fact that once it moves it could be
given as
"accurate" to 0.1 gram.

This would probably be a concern more for Triple Beams? Anyway the
only defense would be to buy from a trusted manufacturer like

3. OHaus is a quality name and their Triple Beam is the recognized
standard of quality (they also have digitals) Joyce, Marcia, and Susan
all mentioned this ( it has to be right!)

4. LABX is a recommended source for used laboratory equipment (which I
have also used with good luck.) Joyce and Marcia both mention this also.

5. Susan Giddings mentions that digital scales for Kitchens are likely
to not be accurate.

6. Finally, I was emailed off-list a very specific warning about the
very Digital Scale, and the very vender I had been considering.
He recieved a poorly packed, and broken model with a missing option.

Needless to say I'm not going to consider pursuing that manufacturer
or vendor...


george koller
sturgeon bay, wi - door county
northport, mi - leelanau county

two great places separated by 100 miles of great lake.