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looking for mid-range fake blue ash

updated sat 31 jan 04


Jan Adams on fri 30 jan 04

I've been lurking about now for a couple of months, as always enjoying
myself while learning from the masters and the newcomers. My life
circumstances have changed and I've done very little in clay for the last
two years. Now, I'm inching my way back in, with my wheel in a spare room
in an apartment and sharing a kiln with a friend. I was sure I could
content myself with some exploration of majolica, however, my difficulty
with earthenware clay is reminding me of why I didn't do more of that
before. I'll keep on wrestling with my poor understanding of the body I'm
using, but at the same time, I want to try again with the mid-range
Highwater bodies so readily available to me.

I came across a photo of a mid-range fake blue ash that looks so much like
the highfire reduction version, I just wonder if anyone could point me in
the direction of such a glaze. I have out all of my reference books and
haven't found anything like it yet. I have, of course, found about a
hundred glazes I do want to try and I'm recalling that my difficulty with
focus is a problem I can only blame on me.

Mel, Lisa, and Lorie will possibly recall me from the Pawley's Island
workshop in about 1993...that was me with the yellow poo-like local clay.
Another interesting body that I finally learned to combine with some other
clays for some pretty nice pots. I just remember the lady who could sit
down and make those lovely large bottles from a claybody I had already
decided was impossible to control. And all Mel's wisdom. And throwing all
the remains of a seafood dinner down a hole in the middle of the restaurant
table designed for that very thing. Great workshop and marvelous company.

Still here in North Carolina, coming out from under several days of ice and
extreme cold. Feeling good just to have my hands back into clay, and
reveling in the exchanges on the list. I haven't been idle, but went off
into an exploration of fibers and textiles that has always been a great love
of mine, also.

Any and all ideas will be appreciated. I know Lisa and Lorie are still
around, but how about the others who gathered in Little Switzerland for
lunch a few years ago?

Hope to hear from friends old and new,
Mountain View Pottery still in Hickory, NC. Same mountain, different view.