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looking for visual artists and visual arts educators interested in

updated sat 21 feb 04


Jiri Lonsky on fri 20 feb 04

Czech and Slovak culture

RE: looking for visual artists and visual arts educators interested in =
Czech and Slovak culture, to be panelists at a World Congress (broader =
interdisciplinary participation welcome)

I am a ceramic sculptor, a citizen of the Czech Republic and permanent =
resident of the USA. As a member of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and =
Sciences (also known by its Czech acronym SVU) I will be participating =
in its 22nd World Congress in Olomouc, Czech Republic at the end of June =

The Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences has since 1958 represented =
the values and achievements of free Czechoslovak culture in the Western =
world in all its dimensions - the scientific, the artistic, the =
humanitarian, and the civic. After the fall of communism in =
Czechoslovakia in 1989, the Society has expanded its activities and is =
in many ways serving as a bridge between the cultures of the Czech and =
Slovak Republics and the world outside. The Society has currently about =
2000 members.

The society accepted my initial proposal to present a panel discussion =
on the theme "Visual Arts and the Role of Education in the Context of =
International Cultural Exchange". Of the twelve years of my life in the =
USA, I have spent five within the university system of arts education. I =
have been actively involved in a community Art Center based activities =
in Lawrence, Kansas, and also in the Lawrence Art Guild. I took part in =
a grass-roots initiative that resulted in building a community ceramics =
teaching studio in Manhattan, KS. I will top off my experience of the =
art world within the USA attending the Jingdezhen International Ceramic =
Conference at the end of May in China. I will make the applicable part =
of my experience of the Jingdezhen Conference's central theme "Global =
Views on Ceramics Education in Art and Design" the core theme of my =
contribution to the Panel Discussion at the SVU World Congress.=20

Academic planning for the 22nd World Congress is now underway. Since =
half-page abstracts of presentations are due by April 1, there is still =
time to modify the discussion topic or breadth - I am open to your =
initiative. I am looking for four to five panelists to participate. I =
don't think that the panelists have to be of Czech or Slovak extraction =
necessarily, but, as the whole Congress concerns the Czech and Slovak =
cultures in global context, they are going to have to have some kind of =
tie to that subject. I am interested in starting ceramic factory =
residencies for artists in the Czech Republic, so I would welcome =
particularly anyone with experience in this field.=20

Attachment: Details about the 22nd World Congress in Olomouc, Czech =


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