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electric kiln advice

updated mon 23 feb 04


Ilya Vilinsky on sun 22 feb 04

Hi All;
I'm a new member, about to set up a small home studio, and I'm looking for
a small (~8 cu.ft.) kiln. I want to fire at Cone 10, but I've (sadly)
given up on gas kilns of this size as being too much fuss and expense,
given my urban Cincinnati environment. Does anyone have experience with
true cone 10 electric kilns? I have seen some posts here in the archives,
but I have barely seen mention of Bailey kilns. Does anyone know how these
might compare with ConeArt, Skutt, L&L Davinci, or similar Cone 10 kilns?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lois Ruben Aronow on sun 22 feb 04

You should definitely check with an electrician to find out what your home
can handle. You can then narrow down your choices from there.

Other than that, I love my Skutt 1027. I should note that I have commercial
3 phase electricity.