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anyone looking for high temperature ceramic cement?

updated thu 26 feb 04


Bruce Girrell on wed 25 feb 04

I have located a source for some high temperature ceramic cement, but the
minimum order of the stuff is $75.00. If I can find enough people
interested, I'll buy a batch and repackage it. All I want to do is break
even. Three (dry) ounces of cement would be $5.00 plus whatever it takes to
ship three ounces to you.

Please email me if you are interested -
I'll allow about a week for responses and then let you all know whether it's
a go or not.

Below is the product information on the cement. Note that is good to well
above cone 10. I have no personal experience with the cement, but it is what
was recommended to me when I was looking for a cement to glue a replacement
protection tube on my OxyProbe.

Dylon Grade C-13 is a single component, chemical setting, inorganic cement.
When mixed with tap water, it develops outstanding bonding characteristics
to metals, ceramics, glass, and quartz. Grade C-13 has a very low sodium
content, does not react with the finest resistance wires, nor does it have a
tendency to migrate through glass or quartz envelopes. It produces superior
electrical insulation properties due to its fine-grained, tightly knit,
high-density structure. Grade C-13 is a moderately good conductor of heat,
is very resistant to thermal fatigue, and can withstand temperatures up to
2800F (1538C). It is also impervious to oils, greases, and resins.

Bruce "stuck on you" Girrell