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[spam] looking for a red glaze

updated tue 6 apr 04


Gary Harvey on mon 5 apr 04

P. 108 "Glazes cone 6" by Michael Bailey Univ. of Pennsylvanai Press
Hope this helps. Now tell me is Randy red a stable and food safe?? GH
From: "Zoe Johnson"
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 1:11 PM
Subject: [spam] looking for a red glaze

> I am taking suggestions a red glaze for the senior geokid's wedding next
> February. The wedding is her 5th anniversary of her first date with her
> fiance, which falls on Feb 13, the day before Valentine's Day. This is
> causing the wedding to have a Valentine's Day theme with red and white
> colors. I am going to be making matching amaryllis pots and tea/saki cups
> for the toast. They will preferably be red and white. We have settle on
> a shape for the amaryllis pot/jars and for the cups. What we need now are
> suggestions for food safe glazes. The kiddo wants stoneware, not
> earthenware (white and cone 6, not red and cone 06). Any one have recipes
> with pictures to suggest? Randy's Red has been specifically suggested. I
> can find recipes, but no pictures of that.
> Zoe Paddy Johnson
> Analyst Programmer 3
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