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am looking for glaze sieve with brush/activisim works/speak out when

updated fri 9 apr 04


Leland G. Hall on wed 7 apr 04

you care/wetlands, wildlife and ATVs

I caught the thread regarding the Talisman glaze sieve and noted the
comments about price and difficulty cleaning these devices.

Yes, spendy.

But also one the finest made pieces of equipment anywhere. Very heavy duty
and built to last a lifetime. Brushes are replaceable. The whole thing is
very well thought out. I have no difficulty cleaning mine at all. The
three brushes slide out for easy cleaning. I consider the Talisman the
best thing since sliced bread if you are making several gallons of glaze at
a time. Love it. Wouldn't be without it. Good bang for buck in my
opinion. Not affiliated with Talisman.

Leland Hall
Before The Wheel
Raku Pottery and Sculpture
La Pine, OR where-------

---- the swamp is quiet today. No ATVs. County Commisioner called
this AM to tell me that he was taking the issue to committie this morning
at 10 AM. Asking to have the area CLOSED to vehicular traffic and posted
as such. Will have "official" metal sighns made by county road dept.
Activism works. I am proud and happy. He said he expected no resistance
from his fellow commisioners. Fingers are crossed.