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looking for a sieve,difficult meetings

updated fri 16 apr 04


lela martens on thu 15 apr 04

Hello Ababi,

After hearing the price here, 175.00 $ Canadian, I have been looking around
the thrift and dollar stores for plastic bowls with a similar shape to the
Talisman. Have found 2. I also trimmed a brush that should work. Now on the
lookout for the fine metal screening, that`s harder, but I still haven`t
checked out the hardware store on the other side of town. Then I will use
the advice from the list on making my own. The paintmixer works well in
mixing, so it`s not as time consuming getting the stuff sieved.
I am often the one in our guild to mix up the glazes we all use but
occasionally a new member who wants to learn gets to do the labour.
I do my own throwing and bisque at home and the glazing and fireing of that
at the guild facilities. contributions at guild meetings in the past year have been subjects
learned from the list. Before that I didn`t have the confidence to cross
some of the longer term members. Last meeting I brought up that glazed raku
should have an impressed warning. There were murmerings of `let the buyer
beware` and `my pieces are too small`, but most listened. I was quite
surprised that not sweeping in the work room would be met with hostility,
but after ten minutes, and the dubious members reading a copy of a post I
happened to bring along.. :>) It went over.
The usual universal problem..those that really need to hear don`t come to
the I copy out some posts from the experts here and tack them
to the bulletin board.
Next meeting`s press again that we need a copy of MC6G ..( so
far have been told we can`t afford)...and is the sighn posted at our sales `
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe` true? Am becoming a PITA myself.
Thank you Ababi for responding.
Best wishes from Lela who is working on getting scattered thoughts into a
cohesive order but still hesitates to push the send button.

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