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looking for lodging

updated sat 12 jun 04


Clayslinger on thu 10 jun 04

I was officially accepted to teacher's college in Buffalo today. This is a
HUGE undertaking for me and scary as hell. I will be traveling from London
to Amherst every Friday for classes at Daemen College and staying overnight
for Saturday classes then home again.
I am interested to know if someone out there in cyberspace would mind
opening a spare room to me on those Friday nights? I don't smoke (except if
I've been drinking) and though I'm not a tea totaller I will act as such if
requested. My only failing is that I snore.
I just thought it would be nice to stay with someone who has a similar
interest and be away from hoteling it every weekend.
I am willing to pay a lodging fee.
Please contact me via my e-mail addy

Thanks a bunch

=o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o)
Penni Stoddart
Education Assistant - Literacy

I want to die like my grandmother did.
Quietly in her sleep........
not screaming in fear like her passengers!