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updated sat 12 jun 04


patti yager on fri 11 jun 04


I, too, used to snore and it stopped when I quit eating dairy products. It
stopped in about a week. Seems I have a dairy allergy which causes sinus
drainage. That irritates and inflames the minor palette sp? (the dangly
thing at the back of our mouth), which causes the snoring.


Snip... My only failing is that I snore. I just thought it would be nice to
stay with someone who has a similar interest and be away from hoteling it
every weekend. I am willing to pay a lodging fee. Please contact me via my
e-mail addy penelopepots(at)

Thanks a bunch

=o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o) =o)
Penni Stoddart
Education Assistant - Literacy

I want to die like my grandmother did.
Quietly in her sleep........
not screaming in fear like her passengers!

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