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looking for kiln articles

updated thu 8 jul 04


Joe Molinaro on tue 6 jul 04

The Studio Potter Network News is seeking articles on kilns, in particular those that
involve "happy" accidents. This new series of articles, which began in 2003, is one
that is designed to present mishaps in kiln design and/or construction, and while
ending up alright, help to serve those (especially students) in the ceramics field by
offering insights into the do's and don't's of kiln design. The first two in this series,
one by Richard Burkett and the other by Jeff Zamek, serve as good examples of this
series. They each present aspects of kiln design that, in one case destroyed the kiln,
and the other almost burned down the kiln room at Alfred. Yet by looking back, one
can both learn, and laugh, at the mishap. This series, while serving to entertain the
reader, will first help present tips one should avoid that will only make the kiln
building experience more successful.

Anyone who might have had a "bad" or "scary" kiln experience as a result of
something they did poorly with either the design and/or firing of their kiln, and feel it
will help serve to educate others from their mistake while also providing a more
entertaining look at their mishap (hindsight is always a safe way to reflect upon our
mistakes!), and are willing to write out their story, please consider contributing to this
series, which we affectionately title "KILN DISASTERS"!

The next issue of the Studio Potter Network News will be out in October, so
submissions for this issue are now being collected. For more information (i.e., article
length, due date, etc.), contact the Editor, Joe Molinaro, at:

Ron Roy on wed 7 jul 04

What's this - JM using ClayArt - some nerve!

Hi Joe,

Just my way of saying hello and wishing you all good things.


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