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thanks all... (was: clayart's archive address down?)

updated wed 7 jul 04


Kenneth J. Nowicki on tue 6 jul 04

Just a quick "thank you" to all of you (Maurice, Marta, Taylor, Mayssan, &
Wayne) who responded to my email about not being able to sign on to Clayart's
archive address. Unbeknownst to me, I didn't realize that I was using a "third
party" (escribe) to get to the archives... I had somewhere along the way picked
up that url and just figured this was "the" one to use for the archives. Had
no idea there were so many alternatives. Learn something new everyday here...
never fails.

Thanks again!

- Ken

"...trying to start a new exercise regimen this week out the ol' mtn.
bike/hybrid that's been collecting dust in my garage for the last few years...
all tuned-up now... ready to go... gonna head out for a nice ride along the
water's edge this glorious morning here in Port Washington... this So. Calif.
native/transplant is still amazed how lush and green Long Island summers are
here in New York, whereby now in Los Angeles & San Diego... everything is most
likely dry, parched, and brown..."

Kenneth J. Nowicki
Port Washington, NY
Charter Member/Potters Council