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updated thu 19 aug 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 17 aug 04

Hi Hank, can happen, and is more likely to happen with older
Stamps for some reason than with older Currency.

I did one time, long ago, buy a 1928 Series 'United States
Note' ( I think it was, ) $5.00 Bill from an Antique Dealer,
who had had it sitting in a showcase for a long time...for
$2.00, or maybe it was $3.00, because, as they said, it was
kinda 'worn'...

And another time, from another Antique Dealer, bought a bag
of maybe three or four hundred various denominations of
1930s and 1940s and some 1950s (includeing an "Atoms for
Peace" one as was interesting, of ) uncancelled U.S.Stamps
for maybe a hundreth of their combined face value, because
they were in his view, "kinda old"...

Funny stuff...

el ve

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From: "Hank Murrow"

> On Aug 17, 2004, at 12:40 PM, pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET wrote:
> > It is not likely anyone will ever encounter situations
> > which U.S.Currency is for sale at prices below the face
> > value of it, unless it is counterfeit, or, being sold by
> > imbescile, or a foreigner, or both, or all three.
> Dear Phil;
> My wife bought three pages of $1 stamps at a garage sale
for 50% off!
> Guess she ran into one of those folks who just don't
understand. I have
> been using some to mail out my tools.......... at face
> Cheers, Hank