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fw: what are the readers of fired arts & crafts looking for?

updated fri 3 sep 04


Les on thu 2 sep 04

Mel -=20

Is this the kind of B.S. that you were talking about?

Les Crimp up in the Great Northwest Rainforest. (Nanoose Bay, B.C.)

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From: "Laura Krogwold"
To: "Bruce Williams"
Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 3:15 PM
Subject: What are the readers of Fired Arts & Crafts looking for?

What are the readers of=20
Fired Arts & Crafts looking for?
New and exciting techniques like Clay Puzzling with Ceramic Molds=20
have made a stimulating impact on artists who rely on Fired Arts & =
as a source of information and a directory for material suppliers.=20
Showcase your products to these enthusiastic=20
artists while they are pumped and ready to buy!=20
"Where do I get the materials to do this?" was a question heard over
and over at a recent clay puzzling make-n-take offered by Fired Arts & =
They need clay, tools, molds, colors, extruders, kilns and more.=20
Capture this market before your competition has the opportunity.
The November issue of Fired Arts & Crafts will continue with more =
clay puzzling projects, a feature on opening a home studio, details on =
molds and many traditional projects readers have come to expect.=20
What do you offer that these folks might need to buy?
Reserve your space in the November issue by September 13.
New ad materials are due September 17.
The November issue will mail October 14.
Invest in your future by contacting a representative at 800-331-0038.
Laura Krogwold - Extension 131 or e-mail
Bruce Williams - Extension 138 or e-mail

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