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great advice/free work

updated tue 7 sep 04


mel jacobson on mon 6 sep 04

i got a piece of advice from jerry korte, the first year
i taught school. 1959, ely, minnesota. 18 miles from canada.

he was a rather skilled teacher, could do lettering, good
drawer, skilled in graphics. went on to become a fine college
educator. great painter.

he said....`you know mel, when you are an art teacher,
people will always ask you to do work free...cuzz artists
love their work. so, the american legion will ask you to
make signs, the church will want some graphics, the super
here at ely high will want weekend projects from you. do them.
then, have stationary made, like this.`

Mel Jacobson
Bill for Work Done.

time: 2 hours and ten minutes @ $15 =35 bucks
materials: paper, ink, paint $19
thank you,
signed, Mel

if they pay, you have a good customer for life.
if they do not pay, they will never ask again.
good advice.
i still do it.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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