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looking for a clay job in the bay area

updated fri 17 sep 04


Lisa on thu 16 sep 04

Hi -

I am hoping someone can help me. I am moving to the Bay area in December and
am looking for any type of clay job.

I will be living in Martinez, so SF or Oakland, Berkeley, etc would be fine for location.

I am a ceramics student (however I am a 31 year old student with a family, so I am
responsible) so I am looking for any type of part-time job that would give me more
experience and contacts out there until I apply for graduate school next year.

I am willing to fire kilns, recycle clay, mix glazes, etc.

Any info on any available jobs, or whom I should contact would be greatly

Also, I saw in the archives that in 2001, there was a lab tech job available in Diablo
Valley College. I was thinking about contacting them for anything that may be
available now, but am pretty sure that tthe ceramics dept, no longer exists because
there are no links once you get to the ceramics website, just photos of a woodfire.
Anyone know if it IS closed?

Thanks in advance!