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looking for gray glaze for urn

updated wed 15 dec 04


Laurie Kneppel on tue 14 dec 04

Hi All,
I am looking for a glaze that I am not sure how to describe, but it
needs to be a variegated gray, maybe with a blue or silver cast.
Doesn't have to be glossy, can be semi-matte or even matte. Cone 6 or
10, oxidation or reduction. Can even be a commercial glaze if somebody
has seen such a color.

I am sculpting an urn for my beloved 18 year old cat, who died on
Thanksgiving. She was a gray ticked tabby with cream on her chest and
tummy and insides of her legs. A ticked tabby means they have at least
three colors in bars on each hair, so they are not solid gray. I'd like
to glaze the urn as close to her colors as possible. My last cat that I
made one of these for was black and white, so getting her coloring was
easier. I've seen some commercial solid grays in high fire glazes. I
know I could probably find the right colors in low-fire glazes, but I
want to do this in either white stoneware or porcelain, cone 6 or cone

All ideas appreciated.

Thank you,

Sacramento, CA
Potters Council, charter member
Sacramento Potters Group, member