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looking for studio space rental..:)

updated mon 3 jan 05


Mitch Taylor on sun 2 jan 05


In the past I have had my own high fired stoneware studio. I ran my =
studio for about 8 years. Im well aquainted with the workings of a =
studio pottery.=20

I am looking for studio space that I can rent on a monthy basis. I would =
purchase my clay & material from the studio. I would hope that I could =
get a fair price for firing my stuff.not like a .05 @ cubic inch..:)

Im hoping to find this space with at least a 40cuft gas or propane kiln, =
extruder, slab roller etc.

I need to work a production line out.All of the items are small. i need =
very little work space. I have done these same items for almost 3 years =
in the past.

So i figure about 1 solid 40cuft bisque=3D 2 glaze loads. Then we can =
see. Im wanted to dot his to get my sample line together, for the web, =
and the Springtime.

I dont care where in the States this studio is located. Anyplace that I =
can resurrect this old and very stable line of mine.

I can help around the place, firings, loading,mixing glazes. General =
Cleaning..etc. Im sure you understand. Cut wood. I can help in the =
development of any web, ecommerce sites. ie : graphics, etc.

I would like to do some pit firing, as well as my main objective of =
getting my sample line together.=20

If you know of a place, please forward this email. Its important that I =
do what I need to do way before springtime & the coming shows..

Please let me know

Mitch Taylor

Happy New Years