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surfing with helen bates - google search for hungarian ceramics

updated mon 10 jan 05


Helen Bates on sat 8 jan 05

(Keramikus) - January 8, 2005

Surfing with Helen Bates - Google Search for Hungarian ceramics
(Keramikus) - January 8, 2005

The search "keramikus" generates nearly 2000 results. To bring this
under 500 results, click on "Images." ;-)

Actually, I think many of the image "results" are for various pages on
one web site, so the total of web sites to look at is probably much
lower than 500.

< >

The Langenberg site has a link to a web site translator. Scroll to the
bottom and use the "Translation Experts -- Translate a Web Page" box.
Don't be put off by the symbols between the words. However, since the
translation software may not be able to cope with everything on the
site (such as pop-up image enlargements), keep the original site open
in another tab or window in your browser.
Here's the Langenberg url:
< >.


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