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need advice . . .

updated sun 23 jan 05


claywomn on sat 22 jan 05

1. Is your kiln "level"? Check it with a level.

2. Did you have a kiln close to your kiln sitter? If you have half an =
imaginary softball of open space around the kiln sitter you'll be okay.

3. Was there a piece work "leaning" against the kiln sitter? =20

Once you opened the kiln could you tell what happened w/the kiln sitter? =
Why it didn't function correctly? Some people put kiln wash on the =
posts that hold the cones - was their a build-up of kiln wash?

I've only had the problem once in 25+ years and that was when a small =
sculpture was too close and kept the kiln sitter from dropping.

In Upstate NY where it is snowing like crazy.