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looking for mug recipient from nceca

updated thu 24 mar 05


Dorie Mickelson on wed 23 mar 05

Hi all,

Did anyone get my mug at the NCECA/Clayart mug exchange and if so, could you
email me off list to let me know? It was a small wheel thrown mug with a
textured handle and a carved base, glazed in variegated slate blue from
Mastering Cone 6 glazes, and oxidation fired to cone 6. My name was on the
bottom of the cup and my business card with my name and email address was
inside the cup. This was my first NCECA, and while I did not spend a lot of
time in the Clayart room (there were so many things going on all the time!),
I did drop by the room a few times and met a few people and did come to the
mug exchange and hung around for about an hour or so after it seemed it
ended and everyone had chosen their paper bags (saw the Clayart tile auction
to help fund the Belize pottery trip and saw Mel receive his cool Viking
like mayor's hat and everything), but never found my mug recipient.

Of course, it looked like there were still some twenty or more unopened bags
still on the table when I finally left, so I assume some folks did not get
to the Clayart room until much later that evening due to the Shino Show
reception or something like that. I did receive a lovely pot and met the
person who made it (thanks again William!) but was rather disappointed that
I never met the person who received my mug...

I must say, though, that was about the only disappointment I really had at
the conference! I thought NCECA was awesome! The demos were inspiring (I
especially enjoyed Bill Van Gilder's demos of wheel thrown functional work,
his cool tips/techniques, and his wonderful teaching style), the lectures
were very interesting (I went to the digital imaging lecture, as well as the
fabulous slide presentation on huge wheel thrown porcelain vessels in
China), the exhibitor hall was tantalizing (spoke to the Skutt folks about
my kiln, collected great posters to decorate my home studio, bought tools
from numerous vendors, drooled over the pugmills/extruders/slab
rollers/advancer shelves, watched fabulous throwing demos of 50 pound bowls
at the wheel exhibitor booths, etc.), delighted in the extraordinary Shino
Show and the Orton Cone Box Exhibit at Baltimore Clayworks, hung out with
friends, ate seafood, heard some reggae, and more!

I do hope to meet more Clayart folks and attend more Clayart sessions at my
next NCECA (would have been easier if I had been staying at the Days Inn
downtown instead of at a hotel 10 miles outside of town relying on taxis and
other modes of public transportation) but for my first NCECA, I was
extremely happy with my overall experience and had a great time!

Dorie Mickelson in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the snow is still falling but
Spring is in the air!