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ot looking for apartment in berkeley

updated sun 10 apr 05


Alyss Dorese on sat 9 apr 05

Hi folks,

Continuing my saga of relocation. I have sold my house in Palm Springs, Ca in order to live closer to my family in San Jose. I went the route of looking for a live/work space, but have hit a brick wall. Either they are too expensive or else there is no ventilation or electricity for kiln and chemicals, and need a lot of work. So I have abandoned my desire to return to my bohemian live and have decided that I will rent a small apartment and find a coop studio or rent one separately. I also realized that I've lost 2 points off my IQ for every year I lived in Southern California and have a great desire to try to stimulate my brain once again. Hence, I feel that Berkeley may answers these needs.

Since this is such a great networking system, I would appreciate any information you may have on any available situations that may answer my needs.

Thanks in advance.

Alyss Dorese
760 221-9007