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advice on buying a kiln

updated wed 4 may 05


Meera Vaidyanathan on tue 3 may 05


A group of us are planning to set up a studio in a commercial property. Som=
of us are functional potters while the rest are sculptors. We are divided o=
what type of kiln to purchase for the studio. One that fires to cone 8 or=
cone 10? I have read that cone 10 kilns are expensive to fire--is that true=
We will mostly be using cone 6 glazes and lustres. One of the kilns that we=
are considering is a Skutt 1227-3, but I believe that they only fire to con=
8. Are there any advantages to paying more for a kiln that fires to cone 10=
As you can probably tell, we are a group of amateur potters and any help yo=
can provide will be MOST appreciated. Thanks

--studio potter in NJ