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looking for love ( lee)

updated mon 30 may 05


Marta Matray Gloviczki on sat 28 may 05

Lili Krakowski wrote:

>I hope Lee will tell us--ok, me--more about these incense boxes.

oh yes, lili,
and maybe lee will put pictures up too, so we can see them!


Lili Krakowski on sat 28 may 05

There was a question/answer sequence about throwing lidded pots with the lid
thrown with the pot. I expected Lee to weigh in on this one, and waited in
the wings for him to take the stage.


The Japanese use this technique (see below) or have used it , to make
incense boxes. These are breathtaking, magnificent, going weak in the knees
objects. The Museum of Montreal has a 3000 piece collection given them by
Georges Clemenceau . Said to be the world's biggest collection. Anyway.
They are not all on display at one time, only a good part. and it is worth a
trip from anywhere....probably even from Japan.

I have no idea what incense boxes are used for....why, etc.

This collection as well as books and catalogues raisonnes show that the
split, lid from bottom ,on these is not, as "we' tend to do, a wimpy lid
close to the top and a bottom that is quite large.

In other words the proportional relationship of lid to bottom is NOT like
that on the familiar lidded jar, but quite varied.

I own for instance a very small pill container (modern, Canadian, porcelain)
about 2.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches high split in the middle.

It is worthwhile, more than worthwhile, to experiment with different levels
for the cut.

For instance when the pot is thrown with an attached "saucer" and the lid
fitting OVER the flange it makes a perfect cheese bell. If the lid is made
about 1/2 way up the pot and fitting outside it can make a good container
for a plastic margarine or similar container. If the lid is made about 3
inches up from the bottom, it is excellent for filling with pate or Liptauer
(I threw that in for Janet, possibly Marta)

You must remember this. For dry things the lid can fit INSIDE. For wet
stuff, cheese, pate, Liptauer, dip the lid fits OUTSIDE. Why? So the lid
does not stick in the stuff, right?

Furthermore. The bigger the total pot the wider the flange should be. I
use from 1/2 a tongue depressor (split lengthwise) to a Popsicle stick to a
full tongue depressor. (I like wooden tools. Mr K will eat Popsicles.)

AND THEN. PLEASE, LEE! These lids need not end in a silly knob. The top
can be flattened and a lovely little sculpture affixed as knob. If I
remember correctly on some of these incense boxes the "jar' acts only as a
fancy base for the sculptured piece. I assume that the belly button left on
the inside is smoothed out and filled in.

I hope Lee will tell us--ok, me--more about these incense boxes.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage