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wanted- small, hot and easy

updated thu 9 jun 05


clennell on thu 9 jun 05

Oh yeah, and you must be willing to turn around quite often.
Mel and Jack: Been thinking about your small, hot and easy anagama. Frank
posted the workshops at Peters Valley and I had a peek. they are offering a
anagama workshop with Todd Piker. Todd is one of the most prolific potters
in America. He has fired his anagama more times than every anagama has been
fired total in America.
If I were planning to build the ultimate mini gama I would take this course.
Short of that I would give Todd an e-mail or call (Cornwall Bridge Pottery,
Conn.). You have the guy that has probably built the most kilns in America-
Donnie Palmquist, so why not back that up with information from the guy that
has fired them the most. The guy that has fired them the most will have the
details you need to consider. Donnie will be able to take those details and
make them art.
I want this kiln of yours to be a bomb. Never know where I could be headed
PS- Logans suggestion of a gauntlet spanking scares me. I see Wayne naked in
a yellow boa. Speaking of Wayne he offered the best suggestions for my kiln
floor. The guy has come a long way- good on ya Wayne.

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario