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returning to clayart- terry sullivan/ new addresses

updated sat 11 jun 05


terry sullivan on fri 10 jun 05

Hi all. I'm back on the list with a new Clayart email address:
(old one was:

This new address will only recieve email from the Clayart server and
with "Clayart" in the "To" section of the header.
Off list / private email should be sent to my new personal email
For those who care; my new phone # is (760) 471-2120
Mail is the same: po box 2020 San Marcos, CA 92079

The Rancho in Vista has been sold and I am now living in the residence
at the Nottingham Center for the Arts. Quite a downsize in living
quarters ( 3600 sq.ft. to 500 sq.ft.) but a big upgrade in now living
right next to the workshops and studios.
The cats have settled in and are having a ball exploring the 4 acres
here ( lots of rabbits, ground squirills, and lizards).
Now I have to figure out storage for all the stuff sitting in boxes in
the main studio.

Terry Sullivan
Directror and Chief Gofer
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA