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kiln bui wantedolsen updraft kiln kit ready to set

updated sun 21 aug 05


Joseph Coniglio on sun 14 aug 05

Joseph Coniglio
Garnet Mesa Pottery
3249 1600 Road
Delta, Colorado 81416
(970) 874-3305 (Land Line)
(970) 901-8602 (Verizon Mobile)

Olsen Updraft Kiln Kit Ready to Set. Frame is together. All materials at hand--

(2 weeks?) ROOM & BOARD (Good organic farmstead chow), STIPEND & TOUR
TIME. 5 Acre Colorado Farm. Food and Wine destination district. We are goat
cheese makers, garden growers, keep livestock and live in a paradise setting.

This might be an opportunity for US or international travelers who have wanted to
come the 4 Corners Area of the US. You will be treated well as our guest in
exchange for your knowledge in assembling this small kiln.

Western Colorado, remote, beautiful, snow capped mtns in the distance, lakes,
rivers, fishing, hiking, deserts, red rocks and a need to set up a kiln. All are

Please write me direct:


I own an Olsen Updraft Kiln Kit (12 cube) and though Freds directions are explicit for
the initiated. I fall short of that and can use some paid help. Cone 10 propane$.

I have to cut bricks, set a door, build an arch and drill 5 --2 brick thick burner ports
and set a flu. I'm no longer a student and even in my imagination now is the only
time communal would be a good thing. But it ain't happening.

TC mentioned years ago those days are gone. Everyone's left the party and has
gone home. The hours are long, and alone and way into night, with wives asleep in
their beds ----and out there, loading, unloading tending the fire and it's tough
wanting to have it both ways. "Community" would be a good thing. Many
experienced hands and a few ideas make short work. But it ain't happening.

I live in a beautiful place and would not mind sponsoring a kiln builder with

Though I love this place it is sort of like being on the moon.
A dirt road leaves 5th Street in Delta,Colorado and can take you 150 miles without
seeing another car and into the remote slick rock areas of Eastern Utah.

Anyways my local towns here on the western slopes are Delta, Montrose, Grand
Junction, Paonia, Hotckiss, Cedaredge--within 45 min and Ridgeway, Ouray and
Telluride within 2 hours or less.

Do any of you know of any visible or hidden potters with kiln assembly experience in
my area? A friend of a friend etc?


Can anyone name the yellow stoneware used in some Japanese utensils?
I'd love to get my hands on some. I own a suribachi bowl (grooved bowl for mortar
and pestle) Great, wicked strong, ultra light yellow stoneware it is... Might be as
simple as a fire clay that grog is made out of. Reminds me of it. The foot is very
coarse and dry and yet remarkably refined.

Gary Navarre on thu 18 aug 05

Hay "J' man,

Sure, $300/day + expenses, wage reimbersement if I loose my job at Wal-
Mart and you're still gonna cut brick. Stay in there, man, you'll get the
hang of it. You can do it!

Joseph Coniglio on sat 20 aug 05

Gary I appreciate it. I'm sure you mean well.