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looking for fish whistle guy - several clay whistle websites

updated wed 21 sep 05


Karin on tue 20 sep 05

Karin Hurt

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From: "Janna Marcilla"
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 3:21 PM
Subject: Looking for fish whistle guy

> Some one on the list had his website on his mail to the list and when I
> went to look at it there were these great fish whistles, and some photos
> of kids blowing them. Well, he also had photos of how he made them, you
> know, the steps he takes. Well, I am making whistles for my Ceramic IV
> class here at the University of New Mexico and making the same basic
> shape, not fish, but what caught my attention was that he was sticking
> popcicle sticks in their mouth to hold open the blow hole. That is what I
> am trying to do but it is not working out. So I am wondering, do you have
> to soak the sticks in water before inserting? or oil? Does anyone out
> there know who I am talking about so I can go to his website again and ask
> him?
> Any clue would be greatly appreciated. I was such a dork for not
> bookmarking the site. I thought I would remember. NOT! What a dork!
> Thanks, Janna
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