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re/metal shed advice

updated sun 16 oct 05


gordo on sat 15 oct 05

had to give my story,not to rain on your parade but, i put up a metal =
workshop for my pottery22 by 22 for work and seperate room forkilns same =
size. heres the rainy part, winter time cold outside heat from kiln =
inside causes condensation to literaly rain in the shop. dehumidifier =
helps. put up 1 in. styrofoam insulation but drips everywhere the cold =
and warm come together, chaulk again and again every tiny crack causes =
water. my advise really caulk well over kilns and watch closely. keep =
umbrella handy for first firng.
good luck my pain your gain. gordon
"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right" Henry =