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looking for used potters wheel

updated mon 17 oct 05


David Woof on sun 16 oct 05

Amanda, at any time used wheels for sale are hard to find. Even excited
hobbyists who initialy go so far in their clay committment as to buying a
wheel they eventually don't use, put it in storage as a symbol of hope
eternal and prying one out of their dying hands would be a struggle. I
would venture to say that at this time "spare wheels" are most likely being
donated to our clay sisters and brothers in the Katrina area as rightly so.

This being said, there is not a great difference in price between a good
used wheel and a new entry level wheel. a number companys are making great
wheels at this level. They are affordable and tough. Affordable is
realitive to perhaps giving up regular incidentals we spend on, for a short
period of time.

Since 1997 I've used Creative Industries Clay Boss wheels in my teaching
studio and have three in my personal studio where I use them to throw large
vessels, up to 5 feet in height, beginning with centering 35 to 50 lbs of
clay. They've all stood up well. As a dealer, I've sold them to students,
with discount, who set up their own studios. and now CI is offering the 1/2
horse motor for new Clay Boss and retro fit as well. Great wheel. Great

Someone a few days ago mentioned not likeing the CI splash pan, I agree,
though it gets the job accomplished, I'd like to see something else. I also
have an older (really older) four leg Creative Industries wheel that I
successfully fitted with a Brent pan. It's a real work horse still.


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Clarkdale, Arizona

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