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looking for a particular shino

updated wed 9 nov 05


John Britt on tue 8 nov 05


Here is the recipe I have:


F-4 Feldspar 42.24
Spodumene 36.13
EPK Kaolin 12.01
Soda Ash 9.60

Hope it helps,

John Britt
President of the Glaze Free-Trade Society

Lee Love on wed 9 nov 05

Llewellyn Kouba wrote:

> Fellow Clayarters:
> I was at a show recently in Minnesota and saw some great Shino glazes.

Always good to go to the source. These were originated in

This is the original recipe, but there are a gazillion
variations. I hope you paid attention to the type of clay and/or slip
the potter used because this has a big effect, along with the way it was
fired. Your shino probably won't look like the one you admired,
unless you are very lucky ;-) :

kaolin 12
spodumene 36.1
kona F-4 42.2
soda ash 9.6

Studio Potter Dec 1992 is the best article on Shinos.

Lee Love
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