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looking for studio equipment

updated mon 21 nov 05


Kathryn & Stuart Fields on sun 20 nov 05

Time has passed and I'm finally committed to develop my studio. So, its
time to aquire each of the major equipment pieces plus some of the extra
furnitrue -- used, in good and serviceable condition. Living in the Mojave
desert makes this request mainly aimed at West Coast plus Southern Utah,
Arizona and possibly New Mexico potters, please. The items on my current
list include: North Star slab roller (24 to 36", double rollers), extruder
(wall mount, prefered), mixer, pugmill, both gas (if it is not too far, I'd
be willing to cart off the brick and other materials to rebuild at my place)
and electric kilns (7 to 10 c.ft, ^10, with electronic and air/vent
systems--Bailey, Skutt, Geil, etc.) and wheel. I've possibly missed
something other than listing ware carts, wedging table, etc, but hopefully
the idea is clear.

I'd really like to hear from those having one, more or all pieces of
equipment for sale. Or is there someone clearing out a studio or moving and
not wanting to ship their old equipment elsewhere?
Kathy Fields
Inyokern, CA 93527
(760) 377-4478 ph
(760) 408-9747 cell