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looking for a few good potters

updated mon 28 nov 05


Richard Aerni on sun 27 nov 05

Or at least a potter or two, and they don't really have to be good, just
looking for a place to work.

I've got a wonderful 2000 square foot studio in Rochester NY, with a great
gas kiln that I fire up to cone 10, an electric kiln, a spray booth, slab
roller, extruder, showroom, packing room, and all the normal studio
equipment, and I'm looking for a person or two who might wish to "rent"
space from me. All of my former associates informed me the day after my
(our) studio sale via email that they were hitting the road, moving a floor
up in the building, and going out on their own. It's a normal decision for
people who want to make their own way in clay, but it wasn't handled very
well, IMO.

We work in an "open studio" setting, sharing space and equipment, so it's
light, airy, clean, comfortable and warm. I charge a very competitive
monthly rate (actually, the cheapest place in town, bar none) and give out
free glaze materials (sorry, not cobalt or tin), advice, and a place to make
and sell your work. I'm looking for people who would like a place to grow
and explore their interest in clay.

If you know anyone in the area that might be intereste, please forward this
to them.

Richard Aerni
1115 East Main St.
Suite 106 Box 20
Rochester, NY 14609