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thanks for advice, plus making chia pets, and elmers glue as a resist?

updated sun 8 jan 06


art teacher on sat 7 jan 06

hello everyone and happy new year.

first, id like to thank everyone with your advice on mixing and using =
the laguna cone 5 glazes. you can see some of my students work here: =

second, i was wondering if anyone has advice or instructions on how to =
make a "chia pet". one of my students said, as a joke, that it would be =
fun to make them...and i agree with him! so if anyone has ideas on types =
of clay, firing range, construction, etc., i would really appreciate it!

third, would elmers school glue work as a resist for glazes and =
underglazes? anyone ever try it? anyone have ideas why it would be a bad =
idea? any tips? thanks!