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ashburnham ma query: looking for kindred spirits interested in pottery!

updated tue 21 feb 06


Heather Malllory on mon 20 feb 06

I am conducting a personal crash course in pottery. To lessen the pain, I
am also questing for freinds.

I recently purchased a large kiln ( olympic 28/18) and wheel and am now
rekindling a passion for pottery which began when I was 11.
After spending 10 yrs in college for biochemistry and three long yrs in the
biotech industry I was fired from my job last november. I was not enough
of a "team player". They were probably right.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I=97 I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference. (R. Frost)
My new boss told me that I needed to take my creative hurricane and apply i=
more appropriately. Although my immediate response to this was "Le jeux
sont fait!" I was devastated - at 32 this was the final outcome of my 13
yr. investment? How can they fire you from hel1 anyways?
Soon thereafter, I awoke from the horrible nightmare I chose for myself
- sure took me long enough but better late than never.
So... if anyone else is interested in sharing thoughts, philosphy,poetry,
or even just frustration, this is an invite!! I would love to chat. You
are more than welcome to come out to this 26 acre wild kingdom and use the
outdoor fire pit I have constructed for firing (my current experiment). We
are fortunate to be charmed with many guests - bears, moose, coyotes,
chipmunks, and turkeys to name a few. Currently the overwhelming burden of
my neophyte mishaps is borne by the husband and three cats.

Heather Mallory