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updated fri 21 jul 06


Steven Goldate on wed 19 jul 06

Hi Clayarters,

I believe many of you are aware of the 'free-to-air' e-zine Ceramics Today ( However, I am finding that it is being underutilised. This is a call for you to submit articles. Anyone who has written an article (or wants to get started) should consider submitting something to Ceramics Today. Why? Well, the site boasts about 30-50,000 individual readers a month. Compare that to hardcopy ceramics magazines and you'll find that they usually have a print run of around 10-15,000. So you see that coverage on Ceramics Today compares more than favourably.

Articles should be on a topic of general interest to a braod range of readers. If you want to get an idea of the type of articles wanted, please check the site at I am not too keen on people writing about their own work, but if you can get someone else with experience in the field to write about you, I will consider that type of article too. Of course I do reserve the right to reject an article if I feel it's not suited to the site.

Articles should be in the vicinity of 500-1,000 words (I will consider exceptions both ways) and come with circa 6-20 images.

So please consider this opportunity. I can't pay anything for your article/s (the site is not-for-profit and doesn't generate any income), but neither will I charge you for the 'privilege' ;-) Please send your suggestions or written articles to Steven Goldate,

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best wishes,

Ivor and Olive Lewis on thu 20 jul 06

Dear Steven Goldate,=20

Sounds like an interesting proposition.

Accepting that you are not buying the articles you publish,

I. Can you give us some idea about ownership of the copyright in =
material published in the E-Zine.

2. What protection do you offer should any dispute arise with a Third =

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.