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looking for opaque white cone 05 glaze

updated mon 27 nov 06


Russel Fouts on sun 26 nov 06


This is the glaze I'm using It's Mathias Ostermann's #1 Maiolica glaze,
Orton Cone 05. Straight out of his book.

60.0 Ferro 3124
10.0 Ferro 3195
6.5 Ball Clay (Bell Dark)
6.5 Kaolin (EPK)
4.0 Silica
2.0 Whiting
11.0 Zircopax

I use ESVA ball clay and leave out the whiting (because I didn't have
any and it was such a small ammount). Then I readjusted the glaze to
equal 100%

- I mix it up with 80% water.
- Watch the thickness! It it's too thick and only on one side of the pot
(the inside, for instance), it can break the pot. Or it can shiver.
- When applied correctly, it's a great glaze, will never craze.
- No crawling
- No pin-holing
- It powders quite a lot so I spray it with CMC solution before painting.
- It's a terrific glaze, very forgiving.