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looking for person who i offered the book to

updated tue 12 dec 06


penni stoddart on mon 11 dec 06

A couple months back a clayarter (Kathy I think - but I am horrible with
names) posted on here that her Ron/John book had gone missing. I offered her
one of mine (as I had bought one, lost it, had it replaced and then found
it, so I have two).
She accepted the offer and sent an email with her snail mail address but of
course my computer died, was totally rebuilt, reformatted twice and is now
finally functioning as it should. I, however, am working with lost email
Could the clayarter who I offered the book to please email me and re-send
your address. I may just be able to get the book out before Christmas! (If I
stop procrastinating).
Penni Stoddart
London, Ont.