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ot: just a little tree advice...

updated wed 27 dec 06


L. P. Skeen on tue 26 dec 06

If you're gonna be adventurous and cut a tree off your property for
Christmas, DON'T get a pine tree. Repeat: DO NOT use a pine tree.

You should see my living room; there is a big circle of sap drippings
and bugs where the tree was. It was all over the presents, these clear
what looked like water droplets, and all this weird dust. I figured the
dusty stuff was tree debris, but it turns out to be little tiny bugs.

AND, ever since the tree has been inside, I've kept seeing/killing these
tiny little flying things with rounded wings. Never seen 'em before,
don't know what they are, but I think they came out of the tree.

We've had cedar trees before with no problems, but this is the last time
we'll have a pine. Consider yourself forewarned! :) Hope everyone had
a bug and sap-free happy holiday!