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thanks for advice!

updated thu 11 jan 07


Barb Lund on wed 10 jan 07

Hi Clayarters- I'm sorry I have not responded after my request for =
garish glazes. I have several new ideas and references now, and when I =
have the chance, I will pursue them. thank you all so much!

Life has been complicated by disastrous events that have happened to =
several of my friends all at once- unexpected deaths, heart failure, =
apartment BADLY burglarized, sudden job loss etc. Me- I'm fine-just =
suffering vicariously because of the awful things that have happened to =
some friends I love dearly. and trying to care for them- I am a serious =
nurturer after all! And one of them will be living with me until his =
new place to live is ready.

Meanwhile business orders are piling back in. Now, any advice on how to =
instantly clone myself so I can care for the injured parties and keep up =
with making pots at the same time!!?

Barb from Bloomington

Barb Lund
812 339-8476