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updated thu 29 mar 07


Jamie Yocono on tue 27 mar 07

Greetings from windy Vegas,

Sounds like everyone really had a nice time at NCECA. I'm so envious! The
last conference I attended was in Philadelphia. How embarrassing! (But what
a fine time it was!)

I was hoping someone might be able to help me; I am looking to purchase a
couple Asian-influenced pieces, specifically dinner bowls. A couple of my
most favorite bowls/plates of all time are on their last meals, so to speak,
and I'd like to replace them with something similar. These are sort of
shallow bowls, with a couple of tiny notches on the top edge for a chopstick
rest. I've had these bowls for many, many years, and they are absolutely the
best ever. I'd love to find a few more like them.

There is a potters mark on the bottom, maybe I could identify who made them
and possible locate that person? Anyone know of a centralized data base for
potters signatures? I've searched the Potter's Council site and didn't find
anything helpful.

I don't feel very optimistic about finding the original maker, so I hope
someone can help me out with a few suggestions... don't be bashful! If you
make dinner bowls like this, I'd love to see them.

Oh- why don't I make them myself? Good question... I mostly hand build, and
don't do much on the wheel. I just think it would be nice to own something
from someone else. (I MUST get in the mug exchange next year.)

Jamie in Vegas, who is bound and determined to meet Phil someday. :)